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Eurobrill, S.L. was founded in 1985 by José Pérez Conesa as a cleaning services provider. Today the company is run by his son, Pedro Antonio Pérez Jiménez.

We are dedicated to services cleaning. We own a large number of industrial floor cleaning and sweeping machines, and an efficient logistics system for transporting machinery that allows us to respond quickly to customer requirements. Eurobrill, S.L. has its own fleet of vehicles to facilitate delivery and supervision of our services as well as transportation of heavy machinery. It includes a 16m reach crane truck for cleaning at high levels.

Eurobrill, S.L. is proud to collaborate with non-profit making organisations as our way of giving part of our business profit back to society. Some recent examples of such activities are the contribution of 1.000kg of food as part of a local collection and the provision of school supplies to several African villages.

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